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Live Wire! 152: Author Susie Bright, poet Matthew Dickman, musical guest David Bazan
Live Wire! 151: Authors Mike Sacks, Beth Lisick, musical guest Celilo
Live Wire! 150: Filmmaker Todd Haynes, author Anne Lamott, musical guests Sophe Lux
Live Wire! 149: Author Chelsea Cain, Essayist Stacy Bolt, musical guest Holcombe Waller with special guests Matt Sheehy and Lost Lander
Live Wire! 148: Writer Jon Raymond, Third Angle Ensemble with composer Eve Beglarian, musical guest AgesandAges
Live Wire! 147: Inventor of the Wiki Ward Cunningham, Writer Emily Chenoweth, musical guest Seattle's Rocky Votolato
Live Wire! 146: Author André Dubus III, Roey Thorpe, musical guest Tony Furtado
Live Wire! 145: Oregon Shakespeare Festival Artistic Director Bill Rauch, Filmmaker Matt McCormick, musical guest Priory
Live Wire! 144: Christine McKinley, Kurt B. Reighley, musical guest The Thermals
Live Wire! 143: Wesley Stace/John Wesley Harding, Aaron Scott, musical guest Chervona
Live Wire! 142: Karen Russell, Mark Bitterman, musical guest Cave Singers
Live Wire! 141: Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson, Fisher poet Moe Bowstern, musical guest Langhorne Slim
Live Wire! 101 Encore: Dave Frishberg, Bruce Campbell, John Hodgman, Lynda Barry and more
Live Wire! 105 Encore: Dan Savage, Sketches about Love and more
Live Wire! 115 Encore: Maria Bamford, Tig Notaro, Danny Pudi, musical guest Michelle Shocked
Live Wire! 140: Best of 2010 Michael Curry, music from John Roderick & Breathe Owl Breathe
Live Wire! 139: Gus Van Sant, Carrie Brownstein, musical guest Obo Addy
Live Wire! 124 Encore: Comedian Lizz Winstead, Portland Opera Chorus, musical guest Bobby Bare Jr.
Live Wire! 103 Encore: Author Christopher Moore, poet Taylor Mali, The Lonely Forest and more.
Live Wire! 138: Dan Savage, Christoph Baaden, musical guest Thao Nguyen
Live Wire! 137: Todd Levin, Justin Hocking and musical guest Laura Veirs
Live Wire! 136: Stephen Elliott, Harriet Fasenfest, musical guest Mimicking Birds
Live Wire! 135: Will Durst, Cort and Fatboy, musical guest Weinland
Live Wire! 134: Orangutan expert Dr. Birute Galdikas, Jeff Greenwald, musical guest Blue Cranes
Live Wire! 133: Andy Blubaugh, Karen Brooks and Mike Thelin, musical guest Erin McKeown
Live Wire! 132: Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Nathanial Boggess, musical guest The Upsidedown with Peter Buck
Live Wire! 131: Willy Vlautin, Jamie Ford and Jennie Shortridge, musical guest Sean Flinn and the Royal We
Live Wire! 130: Craig Allen and Eric Kallman, Grievous Angel - The Legend of Gram Parsons, musical guest Curtis Salgado and Alan Hager
Live Wire! 129: Paul Provenza, Kristin Hersh, Derrick Brown
Live Wire! 128: Jonathan Lethem, David Rakoff, musical guest Sara Jackson-Holman
Live Wire! 127: Jeff Harvey, Tom Bissell, musical guest Hillstomp
Live Wire! 126: David Oliver Relin, Johanna Stein, musical guest Moondoggies
Live Wire! 125: Musical guest Corin Tucker Band plus Mike Daisey and Tynan deLong
Live Wire! 124: Comedian Lizz Winstead, Portland Opera Chorus, musical guest Bobby Bare Jr.
Live Wire! 69 Encore: Christopher Moore, Susan Sokol Blosser, musical guest John Roderick from The Long Winters
Live Wire! 123: Taggart Siegel, Jacqueline Freeman, Dayna Hanson, Trevor Solomon, David Bragdon, musical guest 3 Leg Torso
Podcast Extra: Reggie Watts Interview
Live Wire! 122: Reggie Watts, Brett Burmeister, Menomena
Live Wire! 108 Encore: Bob Moore, Radio8Ball, Adam Shearer
Live Wire! 114 Encore: Scott Adsit, Lizz Winstead, Matt Braunger, musical guest Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside
Live Wire! 38 Encore: John Callahan, Stacy Bolt
Live Wire! 110 Encore: Kevin Sampsell, Arianne Cohen
Live Wire! 106 Encore: Daniel Stern, Poet Dave Densmore and music from Haley Bonar
Live Wire! 102 Encore: Author Katherine Dunn
Live Wire! 121: Richard Russo, Plate and Pitchfork, musical guest John Roderick of The Long Winters
Live Wire! 120: Michael Curry, Too Much Coffee Man Opera, musical guests Dirty Mittens
Live Wire! 119: The Baseball Project with Peter Buck of REM, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Stacy Bolt and more
Live Wire! 118: Steve Almond, Bill Oakley, musical guest Damien Jurado
Live Wire! 117: Daniel H. Wilson, Dave Dahl, musical guest Maia Sharp
Live Wire! 116: Wendy Burden, Anis Mojgani, musical guest Sneakin Out