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February 14, 2015
Episode 255 Encore
Melissa Etheridge, Dr. Brian Druker, Sara Benincasa, Ural Thomas & the Pain, Mark Mason
Episode 243 Encore
Sherman Alexie, W. Kamau Bell, Run on Sentence
Episode 265
Hari Kondabolu, Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz, Deep Sea Diver
Episode 264
Megan Amram, Joanna Lynne Ponce, Alialujah Choir


Live Wire recently played host to the incredibly funny Megan Amram, Parks and Rec writer and author of the hilarious book Science: For Her! The theme of the show was "The Art and Science of Being a Lady," so I took the opportunity to expound on what I think it means to be a lady.


I’ve never liked the word “lady.”

It reeks of propriety and obligation.

The only times I can remember people using it in my presence have been to tell me the myriad things I shouldn’t be doing.

Ladies don’t belch.Read more