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Ep. 301: "On the Road"
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's Tom Bodett offers up the key to a happy, sober life (not hanging out with drunk jackasses plays a role), Scott Poole waxes poetic about corn dogs, Head Writer Courtenay Hameister says farewell, and Box Set offers up stunning harmonies.
Ep. 300: "Who Am I to Judge?"
Humorist and former eccentric millionaire John Hodgman manages to make a conversation about frequent flyer miles hilarious, writer and viral video hero Prescott Harvey wonders whether JJ Abrams took his advice about Star Wars, and nerdcore band The Doubleclicks sing about important holiday stuff: hanging out with cats at parties.
Ep. 299: "True Stories"
Filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky discusses her documentaries about people regaining their sight and hearing after decades of darkness and silence, author Meghan Daum fills us in on how long you can count on being a better person when you almost die ("Two weeks, tops."), and David Wax Museum brings their musical brand of Mexo-Americana music to the stage.
Ep. 298: "Along for the Ride"
Luke gets "Crash Test" comics Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel to open up about asking for George Clooney's phone number and things they couldn't say on the Paramount set, standup comic Emily Heller plays hits from the radio station in her head, while singer/songwriter Matt Morris does the same.
Ep. 286: "What To Unexpect When You're Unexpecting"
In a show all about the unexpected, Neko Case tells Luke who she'd want at her rock 'n' roll intervention, Ask Me Another host Ophira Eisenberg reveals how a really nice dinner can get you pregnant, and the "gypsy-tinged" trio Devotchka rocks out on the theramin.