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Sometimes one of our favorite guests is coming through Portland, and we just can't make our schedules jibe for a live show. So we have them join us at the fabulous Mississippi Studios for a chat and bring them to you.

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Studio Sessions

Studio Session: Bob Odenkirk

Recorded on: 10/24/2014

Bob Odenkirk, whose show Better Call Saul (a prequel of sorts for Breaking Bad), sits down with Live Wire head writer Courtenay Hameister to discuss his comedic influences, his transition from character actor to leading man, and his latest book A Load of Hooey. He also manages to offend Donald Rumsfeld and reveal how he conquered his very short-lived stage fright, so you're not going to want to miss it.

Studio Session: B.J. Novak

Recorded on: 02/19/2014

BJ Novak is an actor, producer and director that you may have seen in small indie projects like The Office, The Mindy Project and The Amazing Spider-man 2. He's recently added "author" to his list of jobs with One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories. He came through Portland and talked to Live Wire head writer Courtenay Hameister at Mississippi Studios in this special studio session.

Studio Session: Garrison Keillor

Recorded on: 10/07/2013

On July 10, 2013, Garrison Keillor stopped by Mississippi Studios to chat with producer Courtenay Hameister. He was at the front end of a 26-city, 27-show "Radio Romance" tour with A Prairie Home Companion, the Minnesota Public Radio show he's been hosting and writing for 40 years. His first book of his own poetry, O What a Luxury: Verses Lyrical, Vulgar, Pathetic and Profound will be published this fall.

Studio Session: Temple Grandin

Recorded on: 06/26/2013

Temple Grandin is an animal behaviorist, a professor, an autism activist and a bestselling author. She stopped by Mississippi Studios for a chat with producer Courtenay Hameister about her newest book The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum.

Studio Session: Eugene Mirman

Recorded on: 05/12/2012

On May 12, 2012 Eugene Mirman dropped by the studio for a chat about his work as a comedian, playing the role of Gene on "Bob's Burgers" (and a lot of other Genes), and his upcoming commencement speech at Hampshire College.

Studio Session: Jonah Lehrer

Recorded on: 04/04/2012

Author Jonah Lehrer joined us for a studio session from his home in Los Angeles in April. He’s best known for his books How We Decide and Imagine: How Creativity Works, which examines creative inspiration, and how we can best cultivate it and bend it to our will. It’s a great conversation for creative people, which, as you know, is everyone. [Note: this conversation was prior to the New Yorker kerfuffle regarding Jonah, so we don’t touch on it here.]

Studio Session: Peter Sagal

Recorded on: 09/15/2011

In September, Peter Sagal was in town with "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me," and we asked him if  he'd be interviewed for our Studio Sessions.  Peter graciously invited us to his hotel room to chat about his world, his foibles and his general take on live radio.  This marks our 2nd visit with Peter; listen to his Wordstock interview from his November 2007 appearance here.

Studio Session: Davy Rothbart & David Meiklejohn

Recorded on: 09/02/2011

This week's studio session features the creator of one of our favorite publications, Davy Rothbart of Found Magazine. He's also a contributor to This American Life and the author of the story collection, The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas. We caught Davy as he was traveling the country with My Heart is an Idiot, a documentary about two years in his life. Davy's just as charming as you'd think, as was David Mieklejohn, the documentary's director.

Studio Session: Joe Purdy

Recorded on: 06/28/2011

This Live Wire Studio Session features Joe Purdy - he's a musician you may have heard, but might not recognize. His song "Wash Away" figured prominently on "Lost," and "Just Can't Seem to Get it Right" made a Kia commercial imminently watchable. But with 12 albums and over 900,000 downloads now to his credit, television clearly isn't the only place he shines. He stopped by our studio to play a few tunes from his decidedly bluegrassy new album "This American."

Studio Session: Michael Ian Black

Recorded on: 06/05/2011

In this Live Wire Studio Session, listen to host Courtenay Hameister chat with Michael Ian Black: comedian, actor, author and now podcaster. You may know Michael from the 90's sketch comedy group "The State," and he's since starred in the cult TV hits "Viva Variety," "Stella," "Ed," and "Michael and Michael Have Issues." He is currently working on his first memoir, a snack-focused podcast with his "Ed" costar Tom Cavanaugh and keeping his 1.6 million Twitter followers in the comedy loop.

Studio Session: Sarah Vowell

Recorded on: 05/27/2011

Sarah Vowell is a past contributor to "This American Life" and the author of six books, including The Partly Cloudy Patriot and Assassination Vacation. She stopped by the studio to chat about her latest book, Unfamiliar Fishes, which outlines the events leading to America's annexation of Hawaii in 1898.