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Live Wire Radio: Enjoy original comedy, local music and captivating interviews at live tapings of this weekly variety show.

What do Portland Trail Blazers star Robin Lopez, former congressman Barney Frank and This American Life host Ira Glass have in common? All have appeared on Live Wire!, a weekly radio variety show created in Portland and broadcast on dozens of stations from Tallahassee, Tenn., to Reading, England.

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Inside Portland's 'Live Wire! Radio'

"Live Wire! is a radio variety show recorded weekly in Portland, Oregon and broadcast on public radio stations across the country. “Radio Variety That’s Like a Chew Toy for Your Brain,” the show features interviews, music, stand up comedy, sketch comedy, poetry, essays. The show is currently in its eleventh season and now hosted by Luke Burbank (host of the daily podcast Too Beautiful To Live and occasional Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me panelist) and distributed by PRI, it’s making an impression outside the Pacific Northwest. Courtenay Hameister has been with the show from the beginning as a writer, sketch comedy performer, and for many years, the host."

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Bits & Pieces: Live Wire's big news

The radio/stage variety show Live Wire! Radio has always featured interesting guests and fun topics, and it has been recognized for its hard work through the years. Public Radio International has added the show and host Luke Burbank to its portfolio, beginning July 1.

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Portland's 'Live Wire!' joins Public Radio International program lineup

The Portland-based "Live Wire!," which tapes before a live audience at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Northeast Portland, and broadcasts edited versions of the shows on public radio stations, including Oregon Public Broadcasting, as well as podcasts, will be reaching a bigger audience.

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Exiting Stage Left: This American Life. Entering Stage Right: Live Wire! Radio

After roughly a decade of toiling in public radio's decoupaged trenches, making slow-but-steady progress gathering new listeners and securing new markets with each passing year, Live Wire! Radio finally got called up to the big leagues, debuting their blend of interviews, sketch comedy, literary readings, and live music on PRI's schedule July 1st.

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PRI adds variety to program slate with acquisition of Live Wire

Public Radio International is adding the Portland, Ore.-based variety show Live Wire to its programming lineup, the distributor announced Monday.

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Public Radio International® Brings Live Wire! To Stations Nationwide, Welcomes the Perspective of Host Luke Burbank


MINNEAPOLIS, March 31, 2014 – Public Radio International® today announced that it will add Live Wire! with host Luke Burbank to its portfolio beginning July 1, 2014. Live Wire!, a weekly, live variety program that features conversation and performance with authors, artists, and people doing remarkable things, broadens PRI’s offering of content that reveals the ways culture of all types influences our lives each day.

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Seattle's Luke Burbank talks about hosting 'Live Wire' -- and Portland's virtues

Luke Burbank's path to becoming the new host of "Live Wire" got off to a bumpy start.

"It's kind of a funny story," he says. The Seattle-based Burbank was scheduled to be a guest earlier this year on "Live Wire," the Portland variety/radio show that tapes before an audience.

"I remember the Friday night before, I thought, 'I should probably take it easy tonight.' I failed in that endeavor, and got a little wild. I woke up Saturday morning, exceedingly hungover, and with eight missed calls from the producer of 'Live Wire.' They were calling me to ask if I could host the show, because their host was not feeling well.

"I had never even listened to 'Live Wire,' but being a person who likes bad ideas, I thought, 'This is great,' and drove down from Seattle and hosted the show."

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New youth-flavored variety entries move genre out of its Prairie Home

For Live Wire, recorded in front of a live studio audience in Portland, Ore., finding a younger audience is a matter of channeling an irreverent sense of humor. With a strong focus on sketch comedy and standup routines, the show flaunts its Portland quirk with off-color bits, like a fake talk show for book lovers called “Let’s Get Lit” (get it?). Oregon Public Broadcasting has carried the show since 2004, and distribution through Public Radio Exchange has extended its reach to stations in nine other markets.

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Robyn Tenenbaum: Live On Stage For An Airwave Audience

For more than two decades, Robyn Tenenbaum has been captivated by the spontaneous and unexpected moments that happen on the live stage, as well as the audience’s reaction to those sudden bursts of artistic expression, humor, theatrics, or improvisation.

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