The Best of Flash Fiction | Live Wire Radio

Saturday night was quite a show! Some light Oedipus chat, a Battle of the Similes between House Poet Scott Poole and Paulann Peterson, and one heckuva giant finale with the 13-piece powerhouse Typhoon. You'll hear it all in upcoming weeks, but until then, here's a taste of our favorite Flash Fiction entries from the show. We asked our audience to write their life stories in 6 words. Here's what we got:

Missed the boat. Built my own.
     - Lauri S.

Wonder Woman drives a mini van.
     - Lisa G.

It made sense at the time.
     - Elizabeth P.

Born in Alabama, still hear banjos.
     - Maria L.

W T F? L O L.
     - Ron S.

Pursued enlightenment. Does lava lamp count?
     - Dale A.

Left my heart on goat farm.
     - Molly T.

Seventy-six blind dates later, success!
     - Molly N.

It was neither country nor Western.
     - Daniel F.

Sex. Drugs. Rock and Roll. Sweatpants.
     - Kate W.

I think I ate too much.
     - Matt R.

Born too late - missed the 60's.
     - Anne W.

Lost twelve years to vegetarianism.
     - Renee N.

Biological alarm rang; got a cat.
     - Jody F.

I have made a huge mistake.
     - Liz D.

They lied about the free beer.
     - Jason B.

Daltry perm bombed in the 80's.
     - Bob Y.

Bachelor of Fine Arts. Waiting Tables.
     - Rita B.

Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Dead.
     - Jon A.

Too much conscience, too little id.
     - Tim F.

A bluff, or a full house?
     - Andy B.

Army brat; theatre nerd: revenge.
     - Katie L.

Ohio to Oregon. I grow beards.
     - Jason N.

Life is not catch and release.
     - Jack H.

Farmboy escapes farm. Still a farmboy.
     - Dave

Breast cancer: fake boobs, real courage.
     - anonymous

Naps and diapers at both ends.
     - anonymous

Developed a New York accent in utero.
     - Big Lou

A private island is not forthcoming.
     - Robert P.

At least I'm not my dad.
     - Douglas T.

Let me speak to the manager.
     - Jason C.

Where'd all these CATS come from??
     - Dylan M.

....and the winner of two tickets to our next show:

You just want my email address.
     - Lynn P.

Thanks for the great submissions, y'all. Are you liking this change to Flash Fiction as much as we are?