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And now, live across the nation . . .

Live Wire! Radio is a hit in Portland. Maybe it could be a hit nationally.
The show’s organizers want to see whether the variety show can become syndicated.
When the time is right, which it’s feeling like we’re right there,” says Robyn Tenenbaum, co-creator, co-producer and booking agent. “Our show is feeling like it has all the bones.

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The Best Show You’re Probably Missing

Last Friday, Live Wire!, Portland’s infamous one-hour radio variety show, set up camp in its new home, the stunning–and yet somehow quaint–Alberta Rose Theater. Just Out was on hand to check out the new digs, chat with the talent, and watch the cast and crew tape the show. Live Wire! typically films two programs in one night, so those in attendance get to soak up over three hours of (damn funny) sketch comedy, interviews, and live music each night.

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In Character with Tyler Hughs: A conversation with an interesting Portlander

Tyler Hughs’ girlfriend thinks he’s funny. His 5-year-old son isn’t quite so sure, according to Hughs, who is a writer and announcer for locally produced vaudevillian radio show Live Wire!, heard on public radio stations across the country. But kids are always a tough audience, as Hughs learned about 20 years ago.

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Live from Wordstock: LiveWire Radio’s Wordstock Extravaganza

Instead of trying to sum up the awesome insanity that was the LiveWire Wordstock Extravaganza in a couple short paragraphs, I’d like to instead gift you with a few choice excerpts from the show.

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Live Wire! on Oregon Art Beat

Allison Frost goes behind the scenes of OPB radio's Live Wire! show as it is taped in Portland's Aladdin Theater.

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Plugging into 'Live Wire!

Inauguration Day 2009: You were probably at the office when you saw the news clip of Barack Obama dancing with Michelle. You looked up from your computer, saw his tux, noticed her white dress. Maybe you smiled -- what a great-looking couple! -- and got back to work. An hour later, you looked up again: same TV news clip, same picture of Barack and Michelle. The next day, you hear that the Obamas went to something like 10 balls. If you thought about it at all, you wondered: 10 balls? In one night? Weren't they exhausted?

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Lake Wo...Be Gone, Here Comes "Live Wire!"

Robyn Tenenbaum and Kate Sokoloff are close friends. So close that, man-wise, they share the same fantasy. There's the guy. Kind of like Garrison Keillor. The strong, unsilent type. But younger. Hipper. And a lot less Lutheran.

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The Spark That Became Live Wire!

LIVE WIRE's producers Kate Sokoloff adn Robyn Tenebaum recently sat with OPB to discuss the true beginning fo LIVE WIRE!

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Live Wire! What on earth were they thinking?

If you haven't caught LIVE WIRE! and want to know what everyone's talking about, or if you have caught it and don't know how to talk about it, here's a little primer: it's inttermittently wacky vaudeville for the mind with musical guests and thought-provoking discussion. It's a bit of salt, pepper and that other spice, the one that makes the dish.

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Radio Daze

It's early March at the North Portland recording facility Mississippi Studios, and the cast of Live Wire, Portland's answer to Prairie Home Companion, is rehearsng a sketch for its next live radio show. Sean McGrath, playing the part of an overfriendly clerk in a co-op grocery store, accost "intimidated Shopper" Mame Pelletier, who stifles her giggles.

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