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Read more about them. Study their history. Then approach them after a live show and pretend you know them. This will freak them out and make them uncomfortable. They love that.

Luke Burbank


Luke Burbank grew up one of seven kids, learning early on how to vie for attention. Those profound childhood issues have propelled him to various media projects including This American Life, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, CBS Sunday Morning, and the daily podcast Too Beautiful To Live. He lives in Seattle with his wife Carey and daughter Addie. Luke is thrilled to be hosting Live Wire and keeps telling himself you're chanting Luuuuuuuuuke and not saying Booooooooo because you're not doing that right? Wait, seriously, you were booing? At a public radio show? This would never happen to Ira Glass. He's on Twitter @lukeburbank.

Robyn Tenenbaum

Co-creator/Executive Producer

Robyn hung up her acting career at the age of 12 after she brought down the house with her role as Fruma Sara’s understudy in Fiddler on the Roof. As a grownup she moved behind the scenes, working backstage for Bill Graham Presents on big festivals and ticketing for groups ranging from The Rolling Stones to HH Dalai Lama. Longing for the riches of Public Radio, she became the producer of West Coast Live, a national weekly live radio show. After four years, she lost all concept of reality, fell in love, got swept away to Portland, and gave birth to a boy, a girl and a radio variety show. 

Laura Hadden

Senior Producer

Laura Hadden​ spent three years producing media for The Moth in New York City, including the Peabody Award-winning radio show, but is thrilled to be back in her beloved Pacific Northwest. As a filmmaker, her work has been featured at Frameline Film Festival and Hot Docs as well as on The Documentary Channel and BBC News. Her ongoing creative projects include co-­producing Wage/Working (a jukebox­-based oral history project about workers and income inequality) and co-­hosting United Noshes (a one­-meal­-per­-country dinner party series) with her husband Jesse. She has taught storytelling and media production through the Center for Digital Storytelling as well as at Hunter College, where she is currently pursuing an MFA. When she was a kid, she wanted to be a country singer and/or dog. She now spends her free time hanging out with her dogs, Emmylou & Reba, which is close enough. Email Laura here.

Lauren Masterson

Development Director

Lauren Masterson is the Development Director for Live Wire. After earning a degree in economics from Northwestern University, she crunched numbers in the corporate world before quickly lapsing into a quarter-life crisis (are those even real?!) and moving west out of snowy Minneapolis. These days, when Lauren isn’t at Live Wire, you can find her in the darkroom at Newspace Center for Photography, attempting to pet her hedgehog Morrie, or pretending to be out for a run. Her work is online at Email Lauren here.

Molly Pettit

Technical Director

Melanie Sevcenko


Melanie Sevcenko moved to Portland by way of Berlin, Germany, where she lived for seven years and turned her film career into a journalistic one. When she’s not editing Live Wire, she’s reporting on as many beats as she can juggle. Her print, online and radio stories have appeared in The Guardian and on Marketplace, BBC, Monocle, CBC and others. She’s also an Irish & Canadian citizen, a distant relative of Ukrainian author Taras Shevchenko, and a published poet. She is quite proud of her chapbook’s title (“We Slept in Body Bags, Just in Case”). You can see Melanie’s work at

A Walker Spring


Plays: drums and sings  Bands: Sallie Ford, Bitch'n, Point Juncture, WA  Writes: songs, musicals, to-do lists Enjoys: sci-fi, comedy, personhood  Philosophies: abolitionist veganism  Pet peeves: split ends, mortality 

Jonathan Newsome

House band

Jonathan Newsome grew up on a farm in North Carolina where he spent his evenings playing bluegrass and gospel music with his family. He moved to Portland in the early 2000's with his art-rock band, and with the exception of a few years-long breaks he has been tangentially involved in the city's music and theater scenes ever since. He spends his days as a television and radio engineer at KOPB; he fills his free time with home improvement projects, rearranging his electronic music studio, and exploring various urban waterways in a beat-up canoe with his undeniably above-average and adorable daughter. He overuses semicolons; he is vaguely aware of this but still thinks they make him look smart.

The Board

Tobey Fitch 

CEO, Fitch Associates

David Forman
Attorney, Tonkon Torp

Adam Lane

CFO / COO, Ecotrust

Jen Maxwell-Muir
Founder and Principal, Maxwell PR

Maran Sheils
Co-founding Partner, Owen Jones & Partners, Ltd.
Heather Winicki
Corporate Assistant Controller, New Seasons Market
Julia Yager
Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Distribution, PRI

Resource Council

Kelly Meltzer 

Owner, Garvey, Schubert, Barer Law

Kohel Haver 

Partner, Swider | Haver