"Hand-Me-Downs" with John Hodgman, RJ Young, Fabi Reyna, and Sávila | Live Wire Radio
Episode #374
John Hodgman, RJ Young, Fabi Reyna, and Sávila
This episode was originally taped at a live show on THU, NOV 15 at Alberta Rose Theatre – SOLD OUT

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Host Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello discuss the significance of “Hand-Me-Downs”… namely, Luke’s childhood stirrup jeans; author and humorist John Hodgman recounts how inheriting his mother’s vacation home led him into the wilderness of homeownership; writer RJ Young explains how he got immersed in the world of race, guns, and self-protection after being gifted a pistol from his father-in-law; musician Fabi Reyna shares why she launched She Shreds – the only magazine devoted to female guitarists; and cumbia/Latin band Sávila perform “La Danza.”

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Show Notes:

  • Luke Burbank and Elena Passarella on "Hand-Me-Downs" at 3:00
  • RJ Young on getting a gun from his father-in-law at 6:20
  • Fabi Reyna on founding She Shreds magazine at 21:23
  • John Hodgman on facial hair and inheriting a house at 28:48
  • John Hodgman plays "Let's Get Quizzical" at 42:50
  • Sávila performs "La Danza" at 48:40


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