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Episode #370
Tommy Pico, Emily Heller, Eli Saslow, and The Helio Sequence
This episode was originally taped at a live show on THU, OCT 04 at Alberta Rose Theatre

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Host Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello confess to how bad they are at “letting go;” poet Tommy Pico explains how writing as his alter ego "Teebs" allows him to be less self-censoring in his work; journalist Eli Saslow discusses Derek Black – the subject of his new book Rising Out of Hatred – and how the once-heir to the white nationalist movement made a stunning transformation; comedian Emily Heller spins gut-busting analogies to online dating; and indie rock duo The Helio Sequence perform “Lately” from their album Keep Your Eyes Ahead.

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Show Notes:

  • Luke Burbank and Elena Passarello on "letting go" at 1:21
  • Tommy Pico on his alter ego "Teebs" at 5:35
  • Tommy Pico on his poetry, including a reading from "Nature Poem" at 11:57
  • Luke Burbank and Elena Passarello read audience answers about "letting go" at 17:54
  • Eli Saslow on writing about Derek Black and white nationalism at 19:21
  • Emily Heller performs stand-up comedy at 34:22
  • Emily Heller on the Emmys and working on HBO's "Barry" at 42:55
  • Musical guest The Helio Sequence at 47:47


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