"Homecoming" with Paul F. Tompkins, Heben Nigatu, Matthew Inman, and Pete Bernhard of The Devil Makes Three | Live Wire Radio
Paul F. Tompkins, Heben Nigatu, Matthew Inman, and Pete Bernhard of The Devil Makes Three
This episode was originally taped at a live show on September 10, 2016 (Seattle, WA)

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Comedian Paul F. Tompkins talks about his role on BoJack Horseman the simple joy of receiving handwritten mail, Another Round host Heben Nigatu describes how her podcast fits into the long tradition of black women talking to each other... and what she had to say to Hillary Clinton, The Oatmeal cartoonist Matthew Inman discusses accepting that he'll never be happy despite his massive success, and Pete Bernhard of The Devil Makes Three gifts us with a hauntingly beautiful Townes Van Zandt cover.

Paul F. Tompkins
Paul F. Tompkins is the place where style meets substance. Sure, he’s got his trendy bases covered, having been on Mr. Show with Bob and David, Real Time with Bill Maher, Best Week Ever, and Comedy Bang! Bang! You’ve heard of him, you know he’s cool. But did you know he’s now hosting his own Earwolf podcast—SPONTANEANATION—that’s entirely improvised, down to the comedy sketches and music? Did you know he provides the voice for shmarmy labrador Mr. Peanutbutter on the Netflix series Bojack Horseman? Did you know he’s the best-dressed man in show business? Oh wait, that’s style again. With Paul it can be hard to draw the line sometimes.

Heben Nigatu
If you want to join the likes of Ta-Nehisi Coates or Hillary Clinton on the roster for guests of acclaimed Buzzfeed podcast Another Round, co-hosted by our guest Heben Nigatu, then you’d better bring along a bottle of Buffalo Trace or Woodford Reserve. Those are the two preferred bourbons of the shows hosts, Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, and each episode is its own built-in cocktail party. Another Round, a podcast of conversation and cultural criticism, covers “everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy show.” It’s received rave reviews in the just-over-a-year Nigatu’s been behind the mic, and was named one of the best podcasts of 2015 by Slate, The Atlantic, Vulture, Thrillist and Apple, to name a few. In her spare time, Nigatu is on the digital team for a little show called The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and spent several years as a writer for Buzzfeed. Her name, by the way, is pronounced “heaven,” because she wasn’t already cool enough.

Matthew Inman
A way to explain Matthew Inman’s career is to say that he draws comics. That somewhat underplays the fact that Inman’s website gets roughly 30 MILLION views per month, and that as The Oatmeal, he’s taken on such topics as daily apathy, improper semi-colon use, Donald Trump, and despair. It also doesn’t account for the fact that he’s the creator of the record-breakingly popular game Exploding Kittens, or that he’s written and published five books, three of which are The New York Times best-sellers, or that The Oatmeal has won Inman an Eisner Award, hailed as the Pulitzer Prize for comics. He’s an iconoclast, an artist, and an internet celebrity to beat the band. Lastly, it should be noted that Inman has two shih tzu’s named Beatrix and Rambo, and they are adorable.

The Devil Makes Three
Many artists seem to draw inspiration from a well of raw talent, while many more spend countless, methodical hours perfecting their craft. Pete Bernhard, frontman for acoustic punk-blues trio The Devil Makes Three has spent more than a decade earning fans the hard way - pounding the grass-roots club circuit with raucous, foot-stomping hoedowns. His fifth full-length release, Redemption & Ruin continues to flesh out his variety of influences into a one of a kind sound. What about live? The Washington Post remarked, “With string-busting rhythms charging with a garage beat and a fiddle running furious enough for a mosh pit, it’s a reminder this band grew up on rock.” Pete Bernhard clearly has that rare combination of pure talent and devoted determination. Yep, we’re in.