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It's Live Wire's Spring Member Drive - the time of year we like to remind you, dear listener, that you are a crucial part of Live Wire's existence. When you support Live Wire by donating money, that's how we're able to pay for things. It's how we bring all our guests together on the Live Wire stage each week to create the once-in-a-lifetime program you listen to on-air. 

Your donations are so important because Live Wire is an independently-produced radio show and a non-profit organization. That means we can only do this with your help - the help of those who believe public radio programs like Live Wire matter. When you support our Spring Member Drive you, our listener and fan, are such an important part of making this show a reality.

Join with us, and support Live Wire by signing up to donate $10/month today 


Donate by Sun, June 10th, and you'll be entered to win a pair of VIP season tickets for Live Wire's Fall 2018 season!

Your support for Live Wire makes this all possible.