Sarah Silverman drops by our comedy workshop | Live Wire Radio
Last Saturday, Live Wire held a comedy writing workshop with John Viener and Alec Sulkin from "Family Guy." 

It was a casual couple of hours, but still very informative, largely in terms of how it works in a writer's room on a sitcom, getting your spec script read, and whether you want to be Jokestein or Structureberg on the writing team ("Jokestein's fun to hang out with, but Structureberg has a nicer house.")

And there was one special bonus to the day - a visit from Sulkin's girlfriend, Sarah Silverman. Alec and Sarah's relationship has recently come into the spotlight because of a rather personal story Sarah told on David Letterman. Alec responded to this story on Live Wire while Sarah sat quietly at the side of the stage. But Sarah jumped onstage for a portion of the workshop the next day, talking a bit about how her writers work. The two shows work very differently - Sarah has 5 writers who work out of her apartment in L.A., "The Family Guy" has 18.

The funniest story Sarah told was about her dog, Duck. They filmed the pilot of the show in Sarah's apartment, and then when the show was picked up, the production company built an exact replica of the apartment on a soundstage. The first morning, Sarah left her apartment, put Duck in the car and they arrived at the soundstage. When they entered the set, Duck looked up at her, hugely confused. "How the hell did we get home again?"

All in all, a very fun day.

Alec and John "teaching."

Sarah joins in.

Sarah with Tyler Hughs' son, Boon.