Review Live Wire Radio on iTunes to Enter to Win Tickets to a Fall Show! | Live Wire Radio

Did you know we're on iTunes? We are! Right up there next to Beyonce and "Ira Glass Sings Dolorous Sea Shanties". Well, not "next to them" next to them, because those guys are crazy famous and we're just a scrappy underdog with a heart of gold. But we could be next to them, if you write a review of our podcast!

But seriously folks, reviews and ratings from listeners (that's YOU!) are one of the ways to get featured on iTunes. So we thought we'd make you a deal:

Rate and write a review of Live Wire in the iTunes store by July 31st and you will be entered in a random drawing to win a pair of tickets to a fall 2013 live show of your choice.

How to write a review:

  1. Search for "Live Wire Radio" in the iTunes store
  2. Click "Ratings and Reviews"
  3. Click "Write a review"
  4. Fill out the form
  5. Click "submit"

We'll announce the winner in the first week of August based on the iTunes username. Thank you and good luck!