Pirates and rock stars and movie stars | Live Wire Radio

LiveWire090724-401WEB.jpgFriday was a great night all-around! We'd like to thank our guests and our amazing live audience for coming out and acting in a couple sketches (yes, the entire audience had the opportunity to exercise its acting chops. And they were all good...except for that one guy..you know who you are.) 

First up for the night was Captain Bogg and Salty. We've been pimping their fantastic video for "Pieces of 8ight" for a while now, but if you haven't seen it yet, definitely take a look. The band is hilarious, the kids are just hugely effing charming and there's a great performance by local improv actor John Breen.


The band was just as fantastic live as we thought they'd be, in full pirate regalia and persona.


Loren Hoskins as Captain Bogg



Tyler Hughs interviews Captain Bogg in a ridiculously small pirate hat.



Next up: Sean McGrath does a spot-on impression (can't tell you who it is...you'll have to listen) while Tyler heckles him from behind. This is a pretty standard occurrence as competition runs high in Faces for Radio Theater. I once saw Tyler shank a guy who did a better Irish brogue than him. It was ugly.



Mortified performer auGi starts off strong...



...gets surprised by Gang of Four bassist Dave Allen...



...and finishes with a song you really must hear to believe.



Captain Bogg and Faces For Radio Theater had a moment...



And the wonderful Shawn Levy, who, it turns out, knows everything about everything (we're kind of serious), illuminated us on the life and times Paul Newman.


It's a show you definitely shouldn't miss when it airs on Saturday night at 7 on OPB, 91.5. 

The podcast will be up on Monday. So you have so many opportunities to hear the juicy goodness! Were you there that night? If so, chime in! We'd like to hear from you.

All our pretty pretty show photos are courtesy of (and copyrighted by!) the talented Mr. Anthony Pidgeon.