Live Wire's Give!Guide Winners | Live Wire Radio

THANK YOU, Live Wire listeners, for helping us blow past our first goal of $10,000. Once we combine donations to our website with Give!Guide, we're pretty sure we met our NEW goal of $15,000! Your generosity is humbling and inspiring. Huge thanks for your faith in us, and a happy, healthy new year to all.

If you happen to see any of these donors who won fancy-pants gifts during the campaign, please give them a congratulatory pat on the back and resist the urge mug them for their winnings. We discourage mugging. 

Hotel DeLuxe "Best Date Ever" Package: Esther F.

Dinner on stage for 2: Kerri T. 

Underwood Typewriter from Vintage Pink: Linda M.

Velvet Painting by Juanita: Karen E.

Natalie Portman Painting by Scott Poole: Brian G.

Sean McGrath's VHS Collection: Stephanie S.

KISS Christmas Lights from Ryka: Tony F.

Mississippi Studios New Year's Eve Package: Karen D.

Toro Bravo Gift Card: Laura A.

Tasty n Sons Gift Card: Paul F.

Interurban Gift Card: Andrew B.


We'd also like to give a BIG THANK YOU to our Give!Guide business partner, Java Jacket, for matching $2000!