Live Wire Radio Episode 208: Sylvie Simmons, Stacy Bolt and Michael Kiwanuka | Live Wire Radio

Sylvie Simmons - is a storied music journalist with a career that has spanned four decades and an infinite number of subcultures. Her work has appeared in The GuardianThe TimesRolling Stone, HarpBlenderSan Francisco Chronicle, and MOJO. Her latest book I'm Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen chronicles the life of, well, you can guess.

Stacy Bolt - our last bio for Stacy Bolt reads: "A writer, blogger, essayist and humorist. Stacy has been published in Portland Monthly and Imbibe Magazine and she keeps an archive of her essays on her blog These Things Happen.

Michael Kiwanuka - is warm, soulful voice took the world by storm when he opened for Adele in 2011. Watch him play a song from his latest recordHome Again on Letterman here.








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