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We LOVE November! The candy hangover is still fresh, the city smells like newly wet asphalt mixed with rotting leaves, and the promise of overcooked turkey with strangers disguised as family is in the air.

But better than all of that, it's when Willamette Week launches its annual holiday fundraising program, the Give!Guide.


So many reasons! We employ artists, we are independent of OPB (so don't get direct funding from them), and, like all arts organizations, we rely on contributions to keep ticket prices lower. (Yes, unlike that Wings reunion tour your parents dragged you to, only 50% of the ticket price covers our costs.) 

But really, please think about what Live Wire does for this great city: an hour of smart, quirky, funny, thought-provoking, participatory, and apparently sandwich-dropping comedy, music and conversation with some of the planet's most engaging human beings. Live Wire features the best of Portland on our stage, and brings those individuals and organizations to the rest of the world through our broadcasts and podcasts.

"If you can make a farm subsidy documentarian
feel like a rock star, you're on to something.
Dang me for not sending a check
to Live Wire sooner! You guys rock."
- King Corn director Curt Ellis

Please consider donating a year-end gift to us via Give!Guide. Willamette Week is offering some great Give!Guide incentives to everyone who makes just a $25 donation.

...and Live Wire is including a few extras: 
  • Donate $25 or more, we'll give you a Best of Live Wire Music CD, featuring music from The Helio Sequence and a rare solo performance from Colin Meloy
  • Donate $50 or more, get a CD and a 2-for-1 voucher for an upcoming show*
  • Donate $100 or more, you'll get the CD, plus a pair of tickets to an upcoming show.
  • Donate $250 or more, you'll get the CD and a pair of tickets to our Anniversary show and private After-Party!
  • Going nuts? At $500 or more..wait for it...all that PLUS your name as a character in a sketch!
Your Give!Guide donation of $25, $50, $100, $250...or whatever amount works for you right now will make a HUGE difference for us in this upcoming year.

If you listen, if you come to our live show, if you've brought friends,
if you've ever said to anyone,
"Hey, have you heard of this 'Live Wire' show? It's kinda cool,"

And we hope you'll consider taking this next step in supporting us. Please find Live Wire under the "Arts" category and give whatever you can today!

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*Small print alert! 2-for-1 vouchers cannot be used for special shows, like Wordstock or our anniversary show.