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Episode 233
Laura Veirs, David Nadelberg & Neil Katcher, Adam Selzer
This episode was originally taped at a live show on November 2, 2013

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David Nadelberg and Neil Katcher talk about their documentary MORTIFIED NATION, about brave souls reading their high school journals in front of a live audience. Plus music from Laura Veirs and Adam Selzer (Norfolk & Western, M. Ward) recounts his experience after he unwittingly signs up to tour with a Christian rock band.

Dave Nadelberg & Neil Katcher
The men who brought us all Mortified - the live series featuring people "sharing the shame" by reading their diaries, song lyrics and letters from high school in front of a cringing live audience, joins us to talk about the documentary film Mortified Nation.

Laura Veirs
Laura Veirs is a Portland-based singer-songwriter who has been releasing very pretty albums for about 14 years now. She's regularly collaborated with the Decemberists and in 2012 provided the soundtrack for the film Hello I Must be Going. Her latest album, Warp and Weft, was released in August.

Adam Selzer
Adam Selzer is the frontman of Norfolk & Western and a member of the Alialujah choir.