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Episode 219
Marc Maron, Monica Drake, musical guests Natasha Kmeto, The Doubleclicks
This episode was originally taped at a live show on May 11, 2013

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STUD BOOK author Monica Drake shares some thoughts on motherhood, WTF's Marc Maron overshares from his new book ATTEMPTING NORMAL, and music from Natasha Kmeto, a hip-hop/electronica artist that SPIN magazine wants you to watch. 

Marc Maron - is a veteran comedian with two books, four CDs and more than 40 appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien under his belt. He's also the host of the hugely successful WTF podcast (now an NPR show), where he interviews the biggest names in comedy and sometimes talks about cats. Statistically speaking, everyone on the planet earth is already a listener. His latest project is Maron, a new TV show on IFC.

Monica Drake is the writer and former Michiganite who penned the novel Clown Girl, for which Kristen Wiig optioned the film rights, and Chuck Palahniuk named the best novel of 2007. Her latest novel, The Stud Book, is loosely based on her time studying animal husbandry and follows a group of friends as they navigate the world of baby bumps.

Musical guests - Natasha Kmeto is a Portland-based singer and electronic producer who turns heads everywhere she goes. Armed with a taut dance floor sensibility and flutteringly sensuous voice, she exudes the kind of beauty that can only come from confidence and The Doubleclicks - All your favorite songs about literature and dinosaurs...played on cello and guitar/uke. Catch them before their monster summer tour takes them to parts unknown!