K-U-F-Oh, holy crap. | Live Wire Radio
Not sure if you've heard, but local radio station KUFO recently let go of some of their more popular radio personalities, including Cort and Fatboy and Rick Emerson. What they've replaced these fun, smart, nerdy-in-the-best-possible-way guys with are some pretty awful d-baggy fellows from out of town. (Oh, and Marconi, who pulled this classy move a few years ago in Portland). Mike Russell of Culture Pulp fame wrote a great blog entry about the whole thing here.

So we've written a little sketch about "local" corporate radio, and Rick Emerson has agreed to perform it, along with past 94.7 favorite (who was also fired this past summer, and partially replaced by a robot) Tara Dublin. Should be a hoot! Yes. We said "hoot." What of it?