"Just Visiting" with Tom Bodett, Betsy Hodges, Chris Coleman, Fancy Ray and The Jayhawks | Live Wire Radio
"Just Visiting"
Tom Bodett, Fancy Ray McCloney, Betsy Hodges, Chris Coleman and The Jayhawks
This episode was originally taped at a live show on March 16, 2016

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Live Wire visits the Twin Cities! Local TV pitchman Fancy Ray McCloney shows Tom Bodett how to spice up his Motel 6 ads, the mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis (Chris Coleman and Betsy Hodges) face-off in a trivia contest to determine who is the superior mayor, and The Jayhawks share their signature sound that put Minneapolis on the musical map.

Tom Bodett
Y'know the guy who tells you that they'll leave the light on for you at Motel 6? That's Tom. But what you may not know is that Tom has also written eight books, appears regularly on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and had a brief cameo in Pinky and the Brain.
Betsy Hodges
Wayzata, Minnesota’s own, Betsy Hodges isn’t only the current mayor of Minneapolis, she’s also an active member of the Minnesota Justice Foundation and Take Action Minnesota. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Mayor Hodges also joined 8 other U.S. leaders in meeting Pope Francis in 2015. THAT, is cool.
The Jayhawks
If there is an OG of American alternative country-rock bands, it’s The Jayhawks. Emerging from the Twin Cities more than 25 years ago, this highly influential quartet has released 8 studio albums, and their 9th, produced by R.E.M.’s Peter Buck, drops later this year.