It's curtains for you! | Live Wire Radio
dress.jpgCOURT: Gosh, that was pretty.

JOHN: You're such a girl.

COURT: Shut up. I really enjoyed it. And I learned something. Based on the boys' disguises, it turns out that in 1790, fake moustaches acted in much the same way as Superman's glasses. Moustache? "Hey! It's a foreigner or a clown." No moustache? "OMG, it's my boyfriend!"

JOHN: This show made me question whether or not I am a triumph of masculinity.

COURT: Right. That was one of the stand-out lines of the show. "Our moustaches are a triumph of masculinity. Plumes of love." Other notable moments: possibly the only time in opera history we've seen two women in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions on their male leads onstage, the amazing moment when the stage broke apart to reveal the 2nd act set, and Ryan MacPherson's standout comic performance. I have much more to say, but I'm spent! More later. Parting message: see it. Goodnight, Portland!