"I Want to be Georgia O'Keefe" by Scott Poole (from Episode 166) | Live Wire Radio


"I Want to be Georgia O'Keefe"
by Scott Poole
written 11/5/11 live at the Alberta Rose Theater
I hate to admit it
here on Public Radio
but I learned tonight 
that I want to be Georgia O'Keefe.
It's not the gray hair in a bun,
because I don't have any hair
where the bun is supposed to go.
It's not her hippy majesty, she didn't
really have hips, 
and it isn't that Wilfred Brimley mustache.
No, it’s just that everything about her
was so minimal: Plain black clothes,
Bare wood tables, adobe walls,
sand whistling through the sockets 
of bleached skulls. Such luscious simplicity.
I can imagine visitors 
showing up and seeing a spoon on a table
and thinking it epic and mythic 
just because it’s at Ghost Ranch.
I imagine them asking 
are you going to paint that,
going to paint it to look like, you know, 
the lady parts?
If I was Georgia O’Keefe I’d love to say, 
“No, no
I used it to bludgeon a mouse earlier
and then I stirred my tin cup coffee with it
but the coffee was so bad
I spit it into the sand
and when I turned around a snake had
crawled upon the table and swallowed
the spoon so I jumped up on the table
like a Tu Fawning song
did a flamenco dance number on it
until the spoon squirted out some end.
Then I made a stew from the dead snake
but I fell into a hallucinogenic fever for a few days
where I imagined that I lived in a 
steamy cluttered jungle 
wearing a pink bikini
surrounded by drum music and howler monkeys
and drew nothing but flowers that
looked really, really small and far away.
But when I woke up that spoon was
still there. I just stared at it.
Sometimes you have forget the lattes
and savor the harvest.”