Holy beans. Just booked Reggie Watts. | Live Wire Radio

I was unlucky enough to miss last year's Armory show with Reggie Watts (damn you, fat camp! Damn you to heck!), but this year I'll be there to see the funny. The weird. The weirdly funny. And the musical wonder that is Reggie and his looping box. I got to see all of it when Jessie Thorn came to town to tape his show Sound of Young America at the Bagdad Theater and voila, there was Reggie.


I will say this and then I will shut up and let Reggie speak for himself: if you have a chance to see Reggie live, don't miss it. In this world of interwebbyness, it's very seldom any of us are surprised. But his performance left me flummoxed, mouth agape, and maybe even drooling a little. What I'm saying is, you should come see him at the Armory. No shit.