FLASH FICTION: My Comic Book Adventure | Live Wire Radio


At each of our live tapings, we ask our lovely audience to write a story in six words or less based on a theme related to our guests. We call this FLASH FICTION.

The prompt for our taping of episode 175 with comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis was "My Comic Book Adventure". Here are some of our favoritest entries submitted by our spunky and well-dressed audience that didn't make it on air. (There's only so much air!)

Superman kilt, Catwoman aroused, Underoos optional.
- Mike The Canuck

Ordered Sea Monkeys - What a gyp!
- Clayton K.

Parents murdered: live wire, bathtub. Avenge!
- Ed G.

Sometimes it feels like the future.
- Matt H.

Frail child touched live wire = super powers!
- Sara G.

Tights run faster than criminals.
- Evan W.

Kapow was the last sound heard.
- Rylee O.

Wherefore art thou, my Ritchie Rich?
- Kelly N.

Can fly but scared of heights.
- Leora S.

Cape, torn. Run in Tights. Failure.
- Amy H.

Marmaduke. Snoopy. Don't Ask. Don't tell.
- Bob S.

Woman never washed underoos. Wonder why?
- Chelsea

Dave's Bread? I'm a wonder woman.
- AJ

Why can't you just say vanquished?
- Ian F.

Aren't they called graphic novels now?
- Kelly A.

My cape is at the dry cleaners.
- Stacy F.

If all else fails, wear spandex.
- Jenna R.

Superman, go reflect on your faults.
- Anonymous

Wished I was Veronica. Alas, Betty.
- Stephanie S.

Betty and Veronica wed in Washington.
- Toni H.

Mom's Mission Impossible: Find daughter a husband.
- Gail R.

Wanted X-Ray vision, got cheap glasses.
- Mathew B.

I dropped my towel, Lookout, Flash!
- Cathy D.

Too poor to be a villain.
- Dylan D.

Dammit Alfred! Wrong belt!
- Oonie C.

To infinity and the closest bathroom!
- Sage

Super PAC Man needs more money!
- Geoff

Seven silly superheroes sipping small, salty, smoothies.
- Jamie H.

Casper got too friendly with me.
- Leslie D.

Cap'n Live Wire shall avenge us all.
- Dian C.

Radio audience haiku is my super power.
- Laurie W.

You can play too! Submit YOUR own six word "Comic Book Adventure" in the comments below to enter to win tickets to our March 3rd taping at the Alberta Rose Theater.
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