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Live Wire! 218 Encore: Ken Davenport, Scott Schwartz, Annalee Newitz, musical guest Genders
Ken Davenport, Scott Schwartz, Annalee Newitz, musical guest Genders
This episode was originally taped at a live show on May 11, 2013

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Ken Davenport and Scott Schwartz - Written by Davenport and directed by Schwartz, Somewhere in Time is exactly what you think it might be: a Broadway musical adaption of that 1980 Christopher Reeve movie. It's a time traveling musical romance, and naturally the world premiere is right here in Portland. We will maybe ask them which Superman movie was their favorite.

Annalee Newitz is a writer, journalist and geeky empress of Io9.com, the flagship science fiction and science fact blog for Gawker. She's written articles on a gamut of social and scientific issues, from "Why Did Nearly All Life On Earth Die 250 Million Years Ago?" to "When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like Avatar?" which, while we're at it, are both darn good questions.

Musical guest - Genders is a four-piece casual rock and roll band from Portland, Oregon. Their current self-titled EP has been topping out the airplay charts at OPB Music; and after a wildly successful spring 2013 tour, playing Treefort Music Fest opening for Built to Spill, Genders continues on, full speed ahead. Genders is furiously working on their full-length album, due in the fall of 2013. After which, Genders will embark on an expansive west coast tour in support of their album.