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Live Wire! 210: David Shields, Lindy West, musical guest Tezeta Band
David Shields, Lindy West, musical guest Tezeta Band
This episode was originally taped at a live show on March 16, 2013

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David Shields - is the author of many books including Reality Hunger: A Manifesto, The Thing about Life is that One Day You'll Be Dead and his most recent How Literature Saved My Life. His work has been praised by everything from the Oregonian to the Irish Times.

Lindy West - is a humorist and cultural critic who collaborated with her co-workers at the Seattle weekly The Stranger to pen the book, How to Be a Person. She's currently working for Jezebel, writing on sexism and pop culture and disproving that whole "feminists can't be funny" crap every day.

Musical guest - Tezeta Band - Portland has a vibrant Ethiopian community, and nowhere is this more aparent than in Tezeta Band's dynamic 8 piece Ethio-Soul Revue. Their potent mix of jazz/funk/soul/etc has been a hit at clubs around our rainy, sun-deprived region.