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Live Wire! 209 Encore: Reggie Watts, Jess Walter, musical guests, Joshua James, Telekinesis
Reggie Watts, Jess Walter, musical guests, Joshua James, Telekinesis
This episode was originally taped at a live show on March 2, 2013

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Reggie Watts - is a man of many hats, but it's difficult to get hats over his magnificent hair. He's a comedian (Conan, Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central), musician, actor, dancer and talk show sidekick on IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang!. His latest album, A Live at Central Park is available now.

Jess Walter - is a novelist and journalist who made his name covering the siege at Ruby Ridge. Since then, he's written 6 novels, including In Zero and The Financial Lives of Poets. His latest collection of short stories, We Live in Water is scheduled for release in February of 2013.

Musicial guest - Joshua James - is an acclaimed folk musician who's work has been featured on the TV show Sons of Anarchy. He has a clean, melodic sound and an avid following among music critics who know about these sorts of things. His latest album From The Top of Willamette Mountain was released in November, 2012 by Intelligent Noise.

Telekinesis - has a polished, dreamy approach to making music which has made them a favorite in the Seattle indie scene. Their latest album is 12 Desperate Straight Lines on Merge Records.