Ep. 297: "Without a Net" with David Wain, Alex Honnold and Tacocat | Live Wire Radio
Ep. 297: "Without a Net"
David Wain, Alex Honnold and Tacocat
This episode was originally taped at a live show on November 21, 2015

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Wet Hot American Summer writer/director David Wain talks Cleveland radio and gets tested on his Paul Rudd knowledge, freeclimber Alex Honnold champions vagabond living and taking a baby up El Capitan, and Seattle's punk-infused Tacocat rocks the hell out.

David Wain
The co-writer and director of Wet Hot American Summer (the film and Netflix series), David Wain was a member of the much-loved sketch troupes The State and Stella before moving on to direct projects like Role Models, Wanderlust and Adult Swim's Children's Hospital.

Alex Honnold
...isn't afraid of heights. Known for what's called "free solo" climbs (alone and without ropes or harnesses) on America's biggest cliffs, Alex has broken many speed climbing records and been featured on 60 Minutes and in The New York Times. His first memoir is Alone On the Wall.

An unbelievably peppy, punk-y, palindromatic pop quartet out of Seattle, Tacocat claims to love candy, Hondas, feminist sci-fi, weed, and each other.