Ep. 294: "Diving In" with Aasif Mandvi, Wallace J. Nichols and Joseph | Live Wire Radio
Ep. 294: "Diving In"
Aasif Mandvi, Wallace J. Nichols and Joseph
This episode was originally taped at a live show on October 24, 2015

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Daily Show correspondent and writer Aasif Mandvi tells Luke harrowing tales of fleeing British boarding school for Tampa, Blue Mind author Wallace J. Nichols explains why we're (almost) all drawn to water, and Joseph fills the hall with beautiful three-part harmonies.

Aasif Mandvi
You may know Aasif as the "Senior Foreign-Looking Correspondent" on the Daily Show and from HBO, where he's a writer, actor and co-producer of The Brink, a comedy series based on the geopolitical crisis in Pakistan. (Yes, it doesn't sound funny. But it really is.)

Wallace J. Nichols
Why do we all feel so calm when we sit by the sea? Nichols is a marine biologist and wild water advocate whose new book Blue Mind seeks to explain the psychological and physical reasons we're all so enamored of, and soothed by, water.

Named after a man, a town and an ancient dream interpreter, Joseph is a band made up of three sisters whose striking harmonies and haunting melodies fill their debut release, Native Dreamer Kin.