Ep. 284: "Unmentionables" with Amy Dickinson, Anna Sale & Sean Rowe | Live Wire Radio
Ep. 284: "Unmentionables"
Amy Dickinson, Anna Sale & Sean Rowe
This episode was originally taped at a live show on May 30, 2015

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Our audience gets answers for all their tough questions as Amy Dickinson of "Ask Amy" fame squares off with Sean McGrath in an Advice Thunderdome, Anna Sale discusses how calling a former senator from Wyoming saved her relationship, and singer/songwriter Sean Rowe provides the soundtrack.

Amy Dickinson
NYTimes bestselling author Amy Dickinson has been offering sound advice to the readers of the Chicago Tribune since 2003, where her brand of no-nonsense wisdom has spread to over 200 newspapers, along with appearances on All Things Considered, CBS Sunday Morning and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, among others.

Anna Sale
A frequent contributor to This American Life, Marketplace, Studio 360 and other public radio behemoths, Anna Sale is now the host of WNYC's "Death, Sex and Money," the show you should never, ever listen to at the Thanksgiving table with your aunt Edna. It just wouldn't be polite.

Sean Rowe
Singer/songwriter Sean Rowe's voice is so deep and resonant it almost sounds like he's singing in slow motion. His latest record, Madman, hypnotically marries folk, soul and R&B.