Ep. 281 Encore: "Square Pegs" with Dan Harmon, Jackie Kashian & Eyelids | Live Wire Radio
Ep. 281 Encore: "Square Pegs"
Dan Harmon, Jackie Kashian & Eyelids
This episode was originally taped at a live show on April 25, 2015

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Luke quits Facebook and darkness falls, Community creator Dan Harmon opens up about booze and NBC, comic Jackie Kashian explains why Native Americans may not be over the whole "stealing their country" thing and indie superband Eyelids rocks it.

Dan Harmon
Dan Harmon is the creator/writer/producer of Community, originally an NBC comedy (now on Yahoo) that expanded the boundaries of sitcoms and just how meta one show could go. You can hear what happens inside his brain on his weekly podcast Harmontown.

Jackie Kashian
Jackie claims her comedy is "like listening to a really racy episode of All Things Considered," which is also how we describe Live Wire, so this should go really well. She hosts The Dork Forest podcast, recently appeared on Conan and has a new standup special called This Would Make an Excellent Horcrux.

Is Eyelids a supergroup? Well, the band is made up of current and former members of some pretty fantastic indie bands like The Decemberists, Minus 5 and Guided by Voices, and their first LP 854 sounds pretty super, so we're going to go with "yes."