Ep. 277: "Stories to Tell" with MK Asante, Mindy Nettifee & Mighty Oaks | Live Wire Radio
Episode 277
MK Asante, Scott Poole, Mindy Nettifee & Mighty Oaks
This episode was originally taped at a live show on April 11, 2015

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Stories to Tell: Buck author MK Asante reads a hip-hoppified version of his memoir, we celebrate National Poetry Month by pitting poets Scott Poole and Mindy Nettifee against one another in The Language of Love: The Game!, and Mighty Oaks serenades us all.

MK Asante
Bestselling author, filmmaker, professor and hip-hop artist MK Asante's wrote his award-winning memoir Buck in 2013. Now he's working on the film at Sundance, and has set much of it to music in Buck: The Original Book Soundtrack with help from people like Uzi and Faze Miyake.

Mindy Nettifee
Mindy Nettifee is an award-winning writer, poet and storyteller. The author of two poetry collections, producer for BackFence PDX and storyteller for The Moth, Nettifee's poetry was called "...the linguistic orgasm we've all been waiting for" by Bust Magazine.

Mighty Oaks
Like a tiny U.N. of indie folk music, Mighty Oaks brings together three men from three different countries to engage in three-part harmonies. Their latest record is Howl.