Ep. 272: "Gaming the System" with Daniel Handler, Mary Pilon & Lucky Peterson | Live Wire Radio
Episode 272
Daniel Handler, Mary Pilon, Lucky Peterson
This episode was originally taped at a live show on February 28, 2015

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In a show all about gaming the system, Luke talks to "The Pudding Guy" about how he turned pudding into millions of airline miles, The Monopolists author Mary Pilon reveals the dark history of our favorite board game, We Are Pirates author Daniel Handler discusses the fine art of stealing joy and Lucky Peterson lays down some ridiculous riffs.

Daniel Handler
The creator of the much-loved Lemony Snicket children's book series, Handler's latest book for adults, We Are Pirates, was called "a nightmarish mating experiment between Joseph Heller and Captain Jack Sparrow" by author Neil Gaiman.

Mary Pilon
Mary is a journalist who has written largely about finance and sports for smalltown papers like the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Her first book, The Monopolists, tells the tales of greed and scandal you never knew existed beneath the paws of the tiny Scottie dog in our favorite childhood board game.

Lucky Peterson
Like most children, Lucky Peterson had recorded his first single and appeared on Ed Sullivan and The Tonight Show before he was six. He's now one of the most lauded blues musicians in the country. His latest record is The Son of Bluesman.