Ep. 271: "You Think You're So Smart" with Martin Starr, David Shields & Caleb Powell & Martin Sexton | Live Wire Radio
Ep. 271 Encore: "You Think You're So Smart"
Martin Starr, David Shields & Caleb Powell, Martin Sexton
This episode was originally taped at a live show on February 28, 2015

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In a show titled "You Think You're So Smart," Silicon Valley star Martin Starr tests his brain while sitting on a yoga ball and eating pumpkin seeds, I Think You're Totally Wrong authors David Shields and Caleb Powell discuss the merits of arguing for two straight days, and Martin Sexton lays down a righteous soundtrack for it all.

Martin Starr
An actor and writer, Martin Starr is best known for his deadpan delivery and his ability to grow a beard on command. You've seen him in Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up, Drunk History and Silicon Valley

David Shields & Caleb Powell
In I Think You're Totally Wrong: A Quarrel, memoirist and nonfiction expert David Shields has one long and compelling argument with author and father Caleb Powell about life, art and the balance between the two. (Or lack thereof.)

Martin Sexton
Country, soul, gospel, rock...Martin Sexton doesn't want to choose, so he doesn't. The New York Times said his music "amplifies the sound of the ordinary heart." His latest record is Mixtape of the Open Road.