Ep. 267: "It's Funny Because It's True" with Kurt Braunohler, Mike Sacks & Liz Vice | Live Wire Radio
Episode 267
Kurt Braunohler, Mike Sacks, Liz Vice
This episode was originally taped at a live show on December 13, 2014

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It's Funny Because It's True: In a show slathered in humor and truthiness, comic Kurt Braunohler reveals the lies the Hot Air Balloon Consortium has been telling us, Poking a Dead Frog author Mike Sacks and Conan writer Todd Levin talk shop, and we're all floored by the voice of R&B songbird Liz Vice.

Kurt Braunohler
An extremely funny standup, Kurt often wears a tie when performing his act, which we appreciate. He's appeared on IFC, Comedy Central, FOX's Bob's Burgers and many other swanky places, and he's currently developing a pilot for Comedy Central called Gettin' Some Strange.

Mike Sacks
If you're a lover of humor and itching to find out how it works, author Mike Sacks is your man. In his two books on humor writing, he's interviewed the likes of Amy Poehler, Mel Brooks, and George Saunders. His latest book is Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today's Top Comedy Writers.

Liz Vice
Liz Vice's latest album There's a Light was recorded entirely live to analog tape in a nod to old school gospel, R&B and soul records of the 60's and 70's, and the result is a timeless sound with enough of a modern groove to keep it classically current.