Ep. 264: "Art and Science of Being a Lady" with Megan Amram, Joanna Lynne Ponce & Alialujah Choir | Live Wire Radio
Episode 264
Megan Amram, Joanna Lynne Ponce, Alialujah Choir
This episode was originally taped at a live show on November 15, 2014

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In a show all about the art and science of being a lady, Luke plays "Marry, Boff, Klll: Scientist Edition" with Science: For Her! writer Megan Amram and talks to trans activist Joanna Lynne Ponce about seeing both sides of the gender equation, all while the Alialujah Choir lays down some boss harmonies.

Megan Amram
Comedian, writer and Portland native Megan Amram gained fame in 2010 via the unique brand of absurdisms, one liners and dark wit on her Twitter feed. She's currently channeling that humor on television as a staff writer for Parks and Recreation and in her first book, Science: For Her!

Jonna Lynne Ponce
After living as a man for over 50 years, Joanna transitioned from male to female in 2003, and is now an educator and advocate for the transgender community.

Alialujah Choir
Made up of members of some of the Northwest's most notable bands (Weinland, Norfolk & Western and M. Ward), the Alialujah Choir's music features sparse arrangements and gorgeous two, three and four-part harmonies that will haunt your dreams, but not in a Freddie Krueger sense. Way better than that.