The Enchilada Man | Live Wire Radio

by Tyler Hughs
jerry lewis.jpgBad news everyone: Jerry Lewis will NOT be appearing on the July 24th Live Wire! Drag, I know, but we still have a terrific line-up.

He didn’t cancel. He wasn’t even expected.  It’s still a bummer he won’t be there.  What else is new, though. Right?
It does make a decent segue, though.

Speaking of Jerry Lewis, have you had the pleasure of knowing The Enchilada Man? It’s a spicy musical number by Martin and Lewis with Carmen Miranda, from the movie Scared Stiff (1953).  It’s timeless genius.  I want to share it with the world.



Watching this number makes you really crave enchiladas…until about 2:11.

Had I been alive then and cast in this production, I’d have been the third guy out the door in Carmen Miranda’s bit. So you want me to back out the door with my ass to the camera, then walk down three steps backwards? Whatever. No. It’s fine.)

The song was written by Mack David and Jerry Livingston.  I wonder about their writing process. I’ve watched this clip enough times, sober and otherwise, and I’ve devoted a few viewings to doing just that.  The lyrics are pretty simple and for some reason I feel like Mack was the guy typing and really laying down words.

“Come on Livingston help me out here. I make a cheese if-you-please that is positively…what, Jerry?”


“Okay. And for a treat try the meat that is absolutely…”


“Really? Okay. After you buy it and try it you’ll say it’s simply…”


“Brilliant. Why don’t you take a line, Jerry?”

“Sure. Uh. Enchiladas…I don’t know.”

“Just--just go home. I’ll finish it.”

Oh yeah, how about the creepy hand at 3:03?

A few lucky people with whom I’ve shared this have said the whole thing is racist. But how can that be? The audience is almost totally Hispanic and they go wild during the big finale at 3:41!

I’m glad I could serve this tasty morsel to you. No need to thank me, just pass it forward.