Comedian Dwight Slade Gives a Dang | Live Wire Radio

Dwight Slade on Live Wire Episode 159Comedian Dwight Slade is donating $6 from tickets sold for his upcoming November 12th stand-up show at the Star Theater to Live Wire.  Enter the code LIVEWIRE when you buy your tickets and your favorite radio variety show gets a cut off the top.  Pretty cool, right? 

Here's what Dwight had to say about why he's doing this:

“After 20 some years crisscrossing the NW and the globe performing in front of drunk, blank stares, I understand the value of LISTENING.  Live Wire Radio really celebrates the art of listening.  The comedy is never overly ham-fisted.  Those are the kind of people I want in my audience.  Not that there won’t be a little ham.  But at least it will be clever ham.”

Dwight was featured on Live Wire episode 159 with Rob Forbes, Tinker Hatfield and musical guest On The Rocks.  Listen to the episode here





Watch Dwight: