Clips from Episode 179 with: Susan Orlean, John Roderick and The Portland Cello Project | Live Wire Radio

Episode 179 with author Susan Orlean, musician and essayist John Roderick, The Portland Cello Project and all our sketches 'n such is ready for you to download in its entirety. Or you can watch/listen to clips from the episode using the player or with the links below. 

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Susan Orlean

John Roderick "Clouds"

John Roderick "Advice to Aspiring Musicians"

SKETCHES + Live Wire Originals

Morgan Freeman

Sci Fi Brothel

Rin Tin Tin

"Passion Lost and Found" Essay by Courtenay Hameister

What I Learned Tonight, by Scott Poole

Flash Fiction: Life as a Movie

MUSIC by The Portland Cello Project

Song 1

Song 2