Chuck Palahniuk Children's Books Contest Results | Live Wire Radio

We recently hosted a contest asking folks to post the title of a children's book if it were written by author and past Live Wire guest, Chuck Palahniuk, using the hashtag #palahniukchildrensbook on Twitter. The winner receives a pair of tickets to our sold out season premiere on February 18th at the Alberta Rose Theater.

February 18th guest Ian Karmel came in with two of our absolute favorites based on well-known children's books:
@IanKarmel: Are You There God? It's me, an extended metaphor for the loss of masculine identity.
@IanKarmel: Chuck and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Swimming Pool Pump.
But Ian will already be at the show, so we have to give the prize to the person we thought made the most creative use of language:
@SortaUltra - I am Jack's Beanstalk
Congratulations, @SortaUltra!
Here are some runners up:
Chuck Palahniuk himself entered by proxy of author (and fellow past Live Wire guest) @ChelseaCain with: Chitty Chitty Gang Bang (it's a pop-up book)
@PDXfictproject - Green Eggs and Bitch Tits
@Sek_C_Jerry - Mommy; What's underneath fingernails? 
@JoeStreckert - Harold and the Purple Bruise That He Got At Fight Club
@Crutnacker - The Cat In The Pool Drain
@RadioFripp - One fish Two fish Red fish F*CK YOU
@ChelseaCain - A is for AutoErotic Asphyxiation
@JenBakerPhoto - One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Black Out
@JenBakerPhoto - Horton Hits His Head
@roykaufmann - Curious George and Fugitives and Refugees
@toddwitter - The Velveteen Pygmy
@taradublinrocks - Knuckle Bunny 
@jessehawken - The Babysitter's Fight Club 
@taradublinrocks - Choking the Lorax
@taradublinrocks -  Go the F*ck To Sleep, But Watch Me F*ck This Guy Up First
@Go2Heck - Heck: Where the Damned Kids Go
@toddwitter - The Going To Fight Club Book
@toddwitter - Snuff You Forever
@Sek_C_Jerry - Why we don't eat ponies
@JoeStreckert - Choke the Bunny
@JoeStreckert - The Invisible Monster At the End of This Book
@Sek_C_Jerry - What would my body look like without bones?
@RadioFripp - The Very Sexually Hungry Caterpillar
@RadioFripp - Chicka Chicka Boom Boom I'M PREGNANT!
@cynumber9 - Green Eggs an Crack
@PdxCelloProject - Tyler Durden and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
@Nikkimay - Invisible Monsters Under Your Bed
@Trent_Finlay - Cloudy with a Chance of Survivors
@Trent_Finlay - The Invisible Monster in the Hat
@Trent_Finlay - The True Story of Three Little Pygmies
@Trent_Finlay - Fight Club Caps for Sale
@Trent_Finlay - The Tale of Peter Rabbit Choking
@Trent_Finlay - The Little Engine That Could Fight Club
@Trent_Finlay - Blueberries for Tyler
@Trent_Finlay - A Sick Day for Tyler Durden
Michael P: Go the F*ck to Fight Club
Jerome W - What happens to my gummie worms after I eat them?
Stephanie S - Where the Wild Things Really Are
Sarah M - Oh, The Places You'll Stick in a Pool Drain
Karen S - Goodnight Goon. 
Karen S - Giant Louse in the Dairy.
Karen S - Charlotte's Bed.
Karen S - The Giving Pee
Karen S - Schmuck Everlasting