Luke Burbank HOST

Luke Burbank grew up one of seven kids, learning early on how to vie for attention. Those profound childhood issues have propelled him to various media projects including This American Life, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, CBS Sunday Morning, and the daily podcast Too Beautiful To Live. He lives in Seattle with his wife Carey and daughter Addie. Luke is thrilled to be hosting Live Wire and keeps telling himself you're chanting Luuuuuuuuuke and not saying Booooooooo because you're not doing that right? Wait, seriously, you were booing? At a public radio show? This would never happen to Ira Glass. He's on Twitter @lukeburbank.


Courtenay was Live Wire’s host for nine years, and as lucky as she was to have that job, she’s enjoying her new role much more: sitting at the producers’ table and silently judging Luke. You’ll see her on stage periodically, reading an essay or portraying Peg Tut, the scrappy owner of a Snake Emporium/Personal Injury Law Firm. Her writing has appeared in McSweeney’s, Oregon Humanities Magazine and the stage adaptions Road House: The Play! and Lost Boys: Live! She’s currently working on a book of essays tentatively titled I Got Drunk and Joined a Gym: Lessons I Learned the Hard Way So You Don’t Have To.  She's on Twitter @wisenheimer.


With Live Wire since 2005, Sean is excited to be back after a stint in Chino for aiding and abetting.  He’s also a writer/member of Sweat Sketch Comedy, Soap Street Theater, Hundredaires, and MANopause (an interpretive dance troupe).  Recent theater credits include Weekend at Bernie’s, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Twelfth Night, and Roadhouse where his chest was oiled nightly.  Screen credits include Leverage, thirty five seconds of Twilight, as well as the independent features Everyman’s War, Cell Count, & the forthcoming DeepDark.  He would like to ask that you and his mom stop asking if he’s ever going to be on Grimm.  His ego has never written a check his body couldn’t cash.  Sometimes he’s funny on Twitter @HeySeanMcgrath.


In addition to writing and designing sound effects for Live Wire, Jason also works for a coterie in the eastern territories carving semi-authentic Native American canoes from traditional Birch bark and less traditional cardboard.  For a three-month period in the late 90's he thought he might be clairvoyant.  Jason co-founded the sketch comedy troupe Sweat and co-wrote and co-starred in the stage adaptation of Weekend at Bernie's, which everyone thought was terrific.  He's appeared in music videos, commercials and TV shows and on stages around Portland.  Most people really like him.  He's on Twitter @Jason_Rouse.

Andrew Harris PERFORMER

Andrew’s early life was spent on Bainbridge Island in the Puget Sound.  He excelled within Bainbridge’s tribal culture: learning to catch flounder with a bone spear, and mastering volcanic spirit-magic, ultimately becoming Shaman of the tribe.  In 1992, Andrew set off to Portland to learn the ways of the world.  He studied at PSU. Since then Andrew has appeared in films, television and commercials on both a regional and national level. Andrew hails from the sketch comedy group The 3rd Floor and most recently Sweat, under whose banner he has performed in Portland, SF, Seattle, Chicago and NYC. He's on Twitter @barnacle999.

Laura Faye Smith PERFORMER

Laura Faye Smith is a theatre, film, and voiceover actress. She has appeared, well, everywhere: Portland Center Stage, Artist’s Repertory Theatre, Third Rail Repertory, Coho Theatre, Portland Playhouse, a Department of Defense touring show on military bases in Asia and Europe, TV shows like Leverage, small independent films that required her to do things like walk through a cold, wet field in nothing but a slip at sunrise for no pay, a late night infomercial for a device that tones your abs via electric shocks, and video games, where she voiced princesses, warriors, little boys and hags. So Live Wire? Live Wire is a walk in the park.

Scott Poole HOUSE POET

Besides being a painter, a software developer, a Husband, a Dad and a maker of exotic grilled cheese sandwiches, Scott is the author of three books of poetry, The Cheap Seats, Hiding from Salesmen and, most recently, The Sliding Glass Door (2011, Colonus Publishing).  He also writes a weekly poem based on the news for called The Poetry Report.  He’s on Twitter @thepoetryreport.

Alex Falcone Writer

Alex Falcone is a moderately attractive comedian living in Portland, OR where he writes for the The Portland Mercury and performs stand-up. He's the creator and host of the live talk show Late Night Action w/ Alex Falcone and the surprisingly popular podcast Read it and Weep, in which people pay him to suffer through bad books and movies. One time he was on the IFC show Portlandia and he still gets emails about it. Despite all these amazing accomplishments, he remains totally down to earth and approachable.



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