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You heard right!  Give ANY AMOUNT to Live Wire in the Willamette Week Give!Guide before 5pm on Friday, November 18th and you will be entered to win Sean's personal VHS Collection.  Here's a note from Sean and what he has to say about each film:
"Well, all good things must come to an end. Most of these movies are classics of the silver screen, even if not wholly recognized by the American Film Institute. Despite their age, all movies are in terrific shape, so you won't need to "track" at all. If you don't know what tracking means when talking about VCRs, then I guess you either forgot or you're just a young 'un.
The Goonies: If you live in Oregon then it's a foregone conclusion you've seen this, or it should be. It still holds up today as one of the greatest coming-of-age adventure flicks. I think I can quote this whole movie..
Pee Wee's Big Adventure: One of my top 5 movies of all time. Nuff said.
Shaft (1971): Not a very good movie but still, it's terrific for all the great one liners and of course the theme from Cafe Regio. "To get laid, where the hell you going?"
Back to the Future: This movie probably made no sense when initially pitched but boy did they hit a home run. 
Sci-Fi+Comedy+Romance. How did this movie work so well?    "What the hell is a jiggawatt?"
CQ: Kinda recent add to the collection. but done well. A terrific date night movie that you probably haven't seen. plus a great short scene with jason schwarzman.
Hard Boiled: The best John Woo movie made and by far one of the best action flicks ever shot. This was a few years before John Woo came over from Hong Kong and forgot how to make movies.
Excalibur: "Let the boy try!"   This movie was one of my first experiences with an on-screen sex scene. Take the armor off dude,... seriously.
Stand by Me: Just as good as the short story. Still remains one of my faves.  "Chopper, sic balls."
Waiting for Guffman: "We love you Corky!  We want you to live!"   The first Christopher Guest helmed mockumentary remains the best. And yes, it's better than Best in Show.
The Professional (1983 anime) - This Japanese cartoon was a few years before the famous Akira but surely deserves recognition in the Manga hall of fame. Prior to this, I thought cartoons were about hulking swordsmen battling a talking blue skeleton. My nubile mind sure did soak in all the sex and violence of The Professional. Arigato Japan! 
Transformers (Ten episodes taped from t.v.): "More than meets the eye!" Ok, these really aren't that good, but hey, they're better than all the movies put together, so there's that."
                                                      ~ Sean McGrath
Not only will you get all of these films on VHS, but Sean will sign his name on each tape sleeve.  That's worth at least $20 on Ebay per film, easy! 
Additionally, Give $50 or more and you're also entered to win a romantic dinner for two on the Live Wire stage. Give $100, and get your name in a sketch. Click here to donate now in the Give!Guide.