Palahniuk's take on a Fincher/Taymor FIGHT CLUB Musical, and Live Wire's attempt to write it. | Live Wire Radio

We had Chuck Palahniuk on our show back in May, and he talked to Luke about a possible Fight Club musical that David Fincher has been talking about for years.

After the interview, we had our band perform our vision for the Fight Club Musical. That went something like this:


Many thought the project was dead in the water, but it appears to be alive and well again.

As this article attests, Chuck tweeted the following at Comic Con:

"Julie Taymor working with David Fincher on a FIGHT CLUB rock opera? You didn't hear it from me. :) #SDCC"

Want to hear more about it? Check out Luke's interview with Chuck:

Click here to skip to 9:07, where Chuck talks about the Fight Club rock opera or watch a shorter clip.