Luke's Memorable Live Wire Moments of 2014 | Live Wire Radio

It’s been a great year at Live Wire! Over the past 12 months, we’ve featured the work of over 120 writers, musicians, filmmakers, and comedians – people like Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Nicholas Kristof, music icon Melissa Etheridge, and Wild author Cheryl Strayed. In addition to showcasing some of the biggest names in arts and culture, we also pride ourselves in promoting the work of up-and-coming talent and thought leaders that you might not hear anywhere else.

In a year with so much compelling content, we asked our host Luke Burbank to share some of his personal highlights from this year. Although the process was nearly impossible, Luke narrowed it down to ten of his most memorable moments and explains why they stood out for him.  


Jason Padgett discussing relativity 
The last 90 seconds of this interview taught me more about theoretical physics than all my years studying at Harvard and Oxford. I should clarify that “Harvard" and “Oxford" are two of my favorite sports bars in Tucson.


Anis Mojgani
Anis Mojgani’s writing and delivery radically changed my notion of what poetry could be and how it could move me. Which is a weird realization to have as you’re crouched on the side of the stage trying to prep for your next interview segment. And yet, that’s how great this poem and performance were.


Ken Jennings - Questions and Appetizers 
For someone who talks for a living, I am uniquely terrible at the conversation game we played with Jeopardy Champ Ken Jennings. Hopefully my shame was at least somewhat entertaining.


Megan Amram
Megan Amram grew up in the wilds of Portland and then went on to Harvard (the college, not the sports bar). Yet it was on Twitter where she first started getting wide-spread notice. I’ve got to find out more about this Tweeter thing, because it seems like all the kids are doing it.

Eef Barzelay - All The Way
Eef Barzelay’s version of “All The Way” is lovely and heartbreaking. Hearbreak like a Portlander feels when they realize that scone had gluten in it.


The Doubleclicks - Cats & Netflix
In these trying times of international crisis and unrest at home, there are two things we can still rely on as a nation… Cats & Netflix. This is an entire song dedicated to them.


Ayron Jones & The Way
Without a doubt, one of the musical high points of 2014 for Live Wire. The crowd was so into this song, we considered cancelling the rest of the show and just letting Ayron play an entire concert. Then I found out that I only get paid if I “host” the “entire” “show” so we went back to the original plan. 'Dat song doe.


Children's Books Gone Dark sketch 
Let’s be honest, kid’s books are kinda boring when you’re not a kid anymore. That is, unless you create dark adaptations. Which we did this year. Then, they are upsetting and weird, two of our specialties here on Live Wire.


Cameron Esposito
Cameron Esposito is more than just a hairdo, but seriously, no one’s made more of a career out of having self-described “lesbian hair”.


Kurt Braunohler
Kurt Braunholer’s misadventures make us all feel better about how we proposed marriage and decided not to jet ski down the electrified section of the Mississippi River.