Blue Monday Survival Guide | Live Wire Radio

Welcome to Blue Monday!
Psuedoscience claims this is the most depressing day of the year, but Live Wire is here to help. On this page, you’ll find some peppy tunes from our musical guests over the years (Download them and take them with you to fight off the blues!), and some delicious recipes perfect for these gloomy days. Enjoy! (As much as you can on this dark, dark day.)




Peanut Butter and Jelly Bacon S’morrito
Peanut Butter
Grape Jelly
Bacon (cooked? Probably?)
1 standard-size chocolate bar
4 large marshmallows
1 Large Flour Tortilla

Place tortilla on your kitchen counter, coffee table or bedside table. Spread 1-20 tablespoons of peanut butter over the full circle of tortilla, then do the same with the jelly. Cook 12 strips of bacon, eat 8 of them and then place four slightly off-center on the left side of the tortilla and cover them with the chocolate bar. Place the marshmallows on a pencil, fork or pair of children’s scissors and hold over a burner to cook. When they catch fire, they’re ready! Place them immediately on top of the chocolate, fold in the top and bottom of the tortilla, then fold in the left-hand side, and roll all the way to the right. Pair with your favorite bottle of scotch and a collection of YouTube videos of dogs unsuccessfully trying to befriend cats.


The Baker’s Dozen
13 doughnuts or cheeseburgers or anything you buy for the office, but actually eat in your car by yourself.


Bologna and Cheese SammichSadness Sandwich
Bologna and American cheese on white bread with mayonnaise (TM Divorced Dad).








The Chuck E. Cheese Gloater’s Special
Single and depressed? Go to Chuck E. Cheese at 5:15 on a Saturday night and order a single slice of pepperoni pizza. Sit quietly at your table and savor every bite while “happy families” scream, rend garments and fall apart around you.


2 AM Pancakes
Pretty self-explanatory.
NOTE:If you don't have pancake mix, just take several deep pulls off a bottle of maple syrup.


The Five Dollar Cry for Help
Subway’s Five Dollar Footlong, once an hour until unconscious.